Environmental and Sustainability Directorate

When the İstanbul Airport project tender process was completed in May 2013, a decision to make the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment study at the highest level was given from the Board of Management of İGA. Ülkü Özeren was appointed in early 2014 and afterward the Environment and Sustainability Directorate was established under his leadership. Before the project activities initiated, impacts of the project had been investigated and evaluated in detail at the level of international standards in the context of Environment and Social Impact Assessment Report and measures were also taken to reduce or eliminate these impacts.

An Environmental Management and Monitoring Program has been prepared under the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) prepared by Rambol Environ (UK) compliant with IFC standards. In addition, with the Technical Advisor (LTA) of the creditors, the Environmental and Social Action Plan (ESAP) were prepared. According to this program, environmental engineers, biologists, sociologists, ornithologists, forest engineers are following up environmental and social management and monitoring activities including environmental, ecological and social management issues in the framework of legal legislation, ESIA and ESAP. The directorate consists of 5 (five) main administrative units in order to manage the work done in the best way with a holistic approach.


We continue to assess the environmental and social impacts that can be encountered in the construction and operation periods of the project with these units, and day-to-day we define and act on measures to minimize the impacts. The work we do is in the direction of international standards and guidelines such as IFC (International Financial Institutions) Standards, Equatorial Principles, Turkish Environmental Legislation, TS EN ISO 14001: 2015 and TS EN ISO 14064: I-II- III, ICAO, GIIP (Good International Industrial Practices), moreover we follow the sustainability mechanisms such as Green Building, Green Airport to create an example for aviation sector as İstanbul Airport.