Environmental Policy

As İGA Havalimanları İnşaatı Adi Ort.Tic. İşletmesi (İstanbul Grand Airport, Airport Construction Ordinary Partnership), our Environment and Sustainability Policy is to keep under control and minimize all possible negative impacts on human beings and the environment that may be instigated during the airport construction, making use of the highest level of specialization, science and technology.

In line with this Policy, we undertake to: 

  • Comply with and fulfill all obligations under  all the laws and other regulations we are required to abide by;
  • Comply with all national and international environmental and social standards, adopting an innovative approach to these;
  • Determine the environmental impact of all of our operations and continually improve our environmental performance;
  • Set up and implement goals to reduce the use of energy and natural resources;
  • Make efficient use of our Earth's scarce resources, plan and implement measures to reduce climate change, protect biodiversity and ecosystems, be aware of our responsibilities with respect to the environment, optimize our monitoring of sustainability mechanisms;
  • By keeping operational wastes under control, take mitigating measures to ensure that recyclable materials are used, that air, water and soil pollution is prevented, and that these measures are continuously improved upon;
  • Contribute to the strengthening of the socioeconomic status of the local inhabitants of the areas neighboring the project and effectively reduce adverse impacts that may result from our operations;
  • Inform our employees, guests, suppliers and subcontractors about our Environment and Sustainability Policy and our efforts to reduce our significant impact on the environment, and ensure their subscription to these principles.