Sustainability Report

İGA published a Sustainability Report prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards, which considers the sustainability activities done during the construction of the Istanbul New Airport. With this report, Istanbul New Airport will present its sustainability work to the attention of its stakeholders within the framework of international standards.

İGA put together the 2016 Sustainability Report in light of the principles of GRI G4 Core. Corporate governance, environmental sustainability, business and social management practices at international standards are collated in a report, with a view to offer a powerful contribution to the development of the sustainability culture in Turkey as well as the sustainable development of the country.

Our CEO, Yusuf Akcayoglu, emphasized that sustainability is a matter of culture for İGA: “Based on our sustainability principle, we evaluate our decisions from the environmental, social, and economic perspectives. We constantly strive for the better and more advanced. With our meticulous work based on international standards, we set a full-fledged example to the world as to how to build an exemplary airport.”