General Information

The Ecological Management Department, which is one of five departments of İGA Environment and Sustainability Directorate, is a department that functions to reduce the factors arising or to arise at the construction and operation stages of İstanbul New Airport Project and likely to affect natural life, and that performs ecological works, biodiversity protection works, and impact reduction and stabilization works by following the National Standards and the Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) to that end.

Before starting the construction activities of İstanbul New Airport (IGA), a rather comprehensive Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) Report was prepared in consequence of the detailed field and literature studies performed by specialist researchers under the guidance of internationally experienced ENVIRON company within the scope of compliance with the IFC (International Financial Corporation) standards. The ESIA Report Section “7.8. Ecology” includes the natural and critical habitats affected by the IGA Project Site and the endemic and/or endangered flora and fauna spreading out in these habitats. This report also handles the “potential effects” of the IGA project activities on the habitats and living creatures and reveals the “residual effects”.

The natural and critical habitats specified in the ESIA Report and taking of actions to protect the species living in those habitats are specified significantly in the same report. The Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) that includes protection measures was prepared in the year 2015 by considering the residual effects. In the BAP prepared according to the quadruple hierarchy of protection, the goals and actions have been determined by using the onsite protection, impact mitigation, rehabilitation, and stabilization steps.