Protection Works

  • The general measures taken within the scope of the Biodiversity Action Plan include the activities such as making the vegetation clearing works in times other than the reproduction periods of species and reducing the direct impact, carrying out the works from the sea towards the land, using and regularly maintaining new model vehicles and machines and performing regular irrigation works against dust formation for air quality, and checking the sound level limits regularly and working within the limits against noise.
  • Within the scope of Plant Conservation Projects, three projects have been carried out under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Hayri Duman for conservation of endemic and/or endangered flora.

Over 100,000 plants of bulbous plant species (Galanthus x valentinei, Lilium martagon, and Nectaroscordum siculum subsp. bulgaricum) have been moved to suitable areas outside the project site, and it has been found out, in consequence of a three-year monitoring study, that the works are successful with 100% efficiency.

Over 25,000 seeds of endemic and rare flowering plant species (Centaurea hermannii, Cirsium polycephalum, Lathyrus undulatus, Euphorbia amygdaloides subsp. robbiae, Ferulago confusa) were collected and delivered to Ankara Seed Gene Bank where they are under protection now.

For the first time in Turkey an Off-Situ Dune Protection Project was carried out with the collaboration of IGA and Ali Nihat Gokyigit (ANG) Foundation – Nezahat Gokyigit Botanical Garden (NGBB) within the scope of the protocol between IGA and the ANG Foundation. The Agaclı Sand Dunes located 1km east of the Istanbul New Airport project boundary are vulnerable to being affected to other projects’ construction activities. Therefore, in 2016, more than 15 and 5 being endemic plants were transported to NGBB with 48 trucks of sand. The two-year scientific surveillance studies for the continuity of the sand island and the sand plant carried out to the garden were started in 2017 and the aim is to develop protection methods in the direction of the obtained findings.

Within the scope of Plant Conservation Projects, the joint works are underway with TAGEM - Istanbul Vegetation Biodiversity and Geofit Research Center, Ataturk Arboretum, and Nezahat Gokyigit Botanical Garden.

  • In consequence of the researches made in the land habitats and water habitats in relation to the amphibians and reptiles, twenty species, most of which are widespread and not endangered, have been detected within the borders of the project site. In order to mitigate the direct impact of the project activities, the necessary measures have been taken so that the vegetation clearing is not performed during the reproduction and hibernation periods of such species. Besides, for three tortoise species that are rare or endangered among these specifies, translocation and conservation project has been carried out. Within the scope of Tortoise Conservation Project, 423 tortoises of three species (Testudo graeca, Emys orbicularis, and Mauremys rivulata) collected within IGA Project Site were moved to similar and suitable areas outside the project site, thus putting them under protection in the year 2015. In consequence of a two-year monitoring study, it has been discovered that both the tortoise and the habitats to which they were moved continue to exist healthily.