General Information

The Operation and Sustainability Department, which is one of five departments of İGA Environment and Sustainability Directorate, has focused on evaluating, planning, and production of the works performed at the construction and operation stages of İstanbul New Airport Project within the framework of the Sustainability Management concept.  In addition, this unit integrates the requirements of the framework for the other companies that will operate in the İstanbul New Airport Project. Also the Operation and Sustainability Department is responsible to ensure that INA is managed at international standards with sustainability measures by following national legislation on general and aviation sector, international standards including IFC standards, requirements and good international industrial practices.

At the operation phase of the airport, it is aimed that all the environmental impacts will be monitored and analyzed to start adaptation, action and management studies quickly. To achieve this goal, it is also aimed that all the environmental impacts anticipated at the operation phase of the airport is evaluated before operationalize of the İstanbul New Airport. Work in cooperation has been made with all the stakeholders in order to spread the culture of sustainability management and reduce the total effect by this methodology. Under the heading of sustainability management, being an example and pioneer in aviation sector and expanding this culture is the main mission of the department.