Climate Change Action Plan

An action plan is being prepared in order to take the necessary actions by assessing the impacts of the potential climatic changes on İstanbul New Airport project. In consequence of the extreme climatic events happening in unexpected periods, a future-oriented action plan is being prepared on the airport's vulnerability as assets and operations to the climate change. All details of the assets and operational activities of the airport are examined by evaluating each one of the subjects such as the current designs, machinery, equipment, and geological location. In this way, it is aimed to minimize the impact of the extreme climatic events on İstanbul New Airport through its stronger and more rationalistic structure, even before formation of such events.

INA Climate Change Action Plan consists of two components. The first component is the strategies to adapt to and mitigate the Climate Change. The second one is preparation of the potential greenhouse gas emissions inventory for the airport. In this work, the greenhouse gas calculations made within the scope of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) are detailed more according to the planning becoming clearer. In this way, the greenhouse gas inventory is being mapped. Accordingly, it will be possible to monitor the emissions through the records and measurements to be acquired during the operation, and the greenhouse gases reduction methodologies will be developed. Within the scope of the Green Airport Program, all these activities will be verified by independent accredited inspection bodies, and submitted to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation. When the Climate Change Adaptation and Action Plan is completed, INA will be the first airport that has conducted this study.