Green Airport Project

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has started works in order to systematically decrease or abolish if possible the harms given or likely to be given by establishments operating at airports to the environment and human health. Within this scope, the enterprises are demanded to create, implement, document, and ensure the continuity of an Environmental Management System that meets the current version of TS EN ISO 14001 standard and the industrial criteria determined by DGCA and TSE, complete the TS EN ISO 14001 "Environmental Management System Certification" performed by TSE, prepare a Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report for each calendar year, which meets the current version of TS EN ISO 14064-1 standard and the greenhouse gas criteria, and have Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report verified by TSE against TS EN ISO 14064-3 standard.

The enterprises that meet the requirements set by DGCA are given the "Green Business Certificate". An infrastructure has been created at the airport for management of the industry-specific wastes according to the industrial criteria. For example, special de/anti-icing application areas, de-anti/icing pads, and waste de/anti-icing fluid storage tanks are being created for the waste of de/anti-icing fluid used on aircraft. In addition to this, in order to ensure management of the emission sources that cause air pollution and improve the air quality, İGA and all its stakeholders will use vehicles that run on eco-friendly technology (electric energy) instead of the vehicles that run on fossil fuels that lead to an environment that is harmful to human health in all indoor areas, and all the relevant plans are already being made.

The INA Project has started to fulfill, even at the stage of construction, all requirements of becoming a Green Airport. With the experienced team that follows up the project in İGA, all works are being performed even beyond the requirements of the relevant legislation.