LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) International Green Building Certificate

The main terminal building of İstanbul New Airport, State Guest House, Mosque and ATC Tower are designed according to LEED certification. In this context, it will use energy efficiently, utilize rainwater, separate and recycle its waste, and use local plants in its landscape.

In addition to these buildings built by İGA, adjustments made to form a baseline for sustainability culture with joint working groups by making arrangements in accordance with Green Building Standards for the buildings that will used by stakeholders such as office buildings, hangars and cargo buildings. Thus, INA plans to operate its buildings with a more efficient and environmentalist perspective. Success of designing the buildings according to the green standards allowed minimizing water and energy consumption by changing the design and the choice of technology. Considering the size of the airport project, even the slightest changes in design have a major impact on the outcome, which increases İGA's sensitivity to the sustainability approach. By converting the design with green building standards, energy savings of about 21% are achieved in total consumption of these buildings.

Designs for energy efficiency, which is one of the most important issues of İstanbul New Airport project, are carefully made with minimum energy consumption approach. Total carbon footprint of the main terminal building, the largest energy user of the project, has been minimized in the design phase, 20% energy efficiency designed and built according to conventional ASHRAE standards. The terminal building is designed to use maximum sunlight for minimum electricity usage. The windows are specially designed to minimize energy required to comply with the inside temperature through special insulation. All the equipments have been chosen in accordance with A + standards in high efficiency and all the lightning equipment are chosen as LED. The car park was designed specifically to be atrial and designed to be a natural airflow at a certain level without the use of HVAC systems.

The INA Project continues to work by adopting the water saving approach in its designs. The Terminal building designed as the LEED Standards providing a significant water saving up to 40% compared to the ASHRAE standards. All mixer taps and shower heads have been selected considering water efficiency.

In brief, with Green Building Certification Programs we reduce both environmental impact and overall cost of living; we continue to work for a more sustainable airport by minimizing energy and water use and emissions in the buildings.