Contents and Components

The importance of methodological work in measurement of the social impact is mentioned, and the data constitute the building blocks of design and implementation of the project. In data collection, a holistic model with three profiles, such as micro (household), meso (organization level), and macro (legal regulations and official statistics) dimensions, is used. At the micro level, face-to-face interviews were made with 5,000 people, 70 focus group discussions were made, and 700 semi-structured questionnaires were applied in two years. At the meso level, information cards have been created for nine neighborhoods, and over 120 interviews have been made with 50 different organizations of various scales thus far. At the macro level, the relevant official statistics and the legislations related to the projects being implemented are being scanned.

The Social Investment Program has two components: Fast Action Projects that aim to meet basic needs and capacity building, and long-termed Income Development Projects that are based on sustainable activities and produce concrete deliverables. Over 150 projects and activities were carried out in 2016 and 2017.