Concrete Deliverables

The following measurable deliverables have been obtained in the last 20 months since the beginning of the program:

  • Over 150 meetings were held with 80 different stakeholder organizations.
  • Over 5,000 face-to-face interviews were made with the local people.
  • One family health center was constructed, and one other was repaired. 6,820 people use them.
  • One hundred eighty two nursery class, primary school first and second grade students were given dental screening and treatment service.
  • Sixteen educational facilities (utilized by 858 students) were constructed, and 18 educational workshops (utilized by 64 students) were organized.
  • A complaint mechanism has been created. Three public contact offices have been launched in neighborhoods, and 9 Whatsapp groups have been created, in which both the local people and the neighborhood headmen have participated. 10,320 people have used them.
  • A CV pool has been created for the local people. Eight vocational training attended by 120 people were organized. Three thousand people started to work for ─░GA and its subcontractors.
  • A women's cooperative initiative was supported both technically and financially.
  • Informative meetings were held for 100 stockbreeders.
  • Five academic reports, numerous brochures and press releases were prepared and published.