General Information

İstanbul New Airport attaches great importance to flight safety and the ecology of birds. Thanks to the wildlife monitoring studies conducted, İGA is the first airport, not only in Turkey but also in the world, for which such detailed researches have been made before the airport becomes operational.

When the airport is opened, an unprecedented database on the movements and densities of birds during migration, which is based on a 5-year scientific and systematic study, will have been created. In continuous contact with the international scientists and scientific communities conducting studies and researches on the subject, we continue to monitor the bird migration phenomenon in a wider area on the basis of cause and effect relationship.

Our Wildlife Management department working on the basis of flight safety has been working very hard since the very beginning of the project. Six ornithologists have been performing bird monitoring, data analysis, risk assessment, and wildlife management works. Monitoring of the soaring migratory birds, bird monitoring within a zone of 13 km around the airport site, monitoring with bird radar, wildlife management, monitoring and telemetry of Yellow-Legged Gull with GPS-GSM transmitters are just some of the studies conducted on/around the site.

The works such as Risk Assessment, preparing the Wildlife Risk Management Program are also carried out by the Wildlife Management Department. After all these collected data are brought together, the goal is to bring flight safety up to its maximum level with the Bird Avoidance Model created by using the artificial intelligence techniques.

This much data collected is used to monitor the ecological phenomena like potential changes in the movements of the birds as well as ensuring flight safety. For example, as in the case when the El Niño hurricane that was violent on Africa has delayed the phenology of the lesser spotted eagles, the already collected and up-to-date bird data and climatic phenomena continue to be evaluated together.