Soaring-Gliding Migratory Birds Monitoring Study

The 'Soaring Migratory Birds Monitoring Study' that was started in ─░GA in the year 2014 within the scope of the report created as per the Equator Principles based on IFC (International Finance Corporation) standards has been continued by the Wildlife Department since spring 2015. This study has been carried out by the Wildlife Department ornithologists within ─░stanbul New Airport project site for 9 seasons as of spring 2018. During the migration monitoring studies conducted from 09:00 to 18:00 (the studies are extended to sunset when necessary depending on the passing times of the birds) during the spring and autumn migration seasons so as to cover the entire project site from north to south, the information such as species, counts, flight altitudes, passage routes, etc. of the birds being observed is recorded together with the meteorological conditions. Up to this point a total of 779 days and 7742 hours of monitoring was done. The routes and flight altitudes of the migratory birds are affected by meteorological conditions. Therefore, the meteorological parameters (wind, precipitation, temperature, cloudiness, etc.) are recorded and analyzed together with the movements of the birds.

During the observations, 10x42 zooming binoculars, 30-70x95 zooming binoculars, DSLR camera, 400 mm f5.6, 500 mm f4, and 600 mm f4 lenses have been used. Besides, distance meters have also been used in order to determine the altitudes of the birds. The guide books that contain detailed bird drawings and definitions have been used to identify the birds.

In order to identify the region of density from migratory birds in the project area, the project site is divided into 11 routes parallel to the migration route from north to south. Each of these routes is approximately 870 meters apart. There are also three additional routes for birds using outside the project area.